Off to MN: Day 1...

It's spring break around our parts and it kind of becomes mass chaos at all the fun places here so I thought we could go see Grandma.  Well then it got better that Grandpa was at home in between gigs so he was there too - yippee!  Unfortunately, my grandma went to the hospital right before we went so we couldn't hang out with her much.  She is home now but has a long road of recovery ahead of her.  I was thankful I could visit with her while there (thanks to my dad for being super-grandpa and taking care of the kiddos for mom and I!).  

The first day it ice/snowed so the commute to the mall was torture and filled with traffic - yuck! But when we arrived, it wasn't too busy and Solon was tall enough to ride the "Orange Streak" roller coaster.  He was over the moon excited.  He rode twice.  Vera is loving the kiddie rides now and so we rode all morning before catching a late lunch in the food court.  We sent them with my dad and packed in some fast shopping, my mom and I know how to power shop, before heading to spend some time with my Grandma at the hospital.

That night, Uncle Alex and Auntie Ellen came over to hang out and they brought the "fun".  We had a serious stuffed animal fight in the bunk room.  We all had a blast, the kids were in heaven!

Uncle Alex taking cover in the tent Grandpa made for the kids...
Auntie Elle and her mini-me (they are seriously attached at the hip)

We also found the moose head and had some fun!

Time for Uncle Alex to go home - shucks him and Auntie Ellen have jobs now!

We all fell into bed after a fun-filled first day at the lake!