March Madness Party...

We resurrected the March Madness Tourney Party this year after several years (pre-kids was the last one).  People always stare at us funny when we explain the party and leave saying "that was so much fun!" as if they expected any less from us ;)!

This time we hosted our small group at our house for the party and had soup and snacks as well as a million kids that had a blast playing with every toy we own (thanks to the parents who cleaned up - it was spotless at the end :).

Scott made the brackets and we had 3 tournaments couples had to compete in as a team either taking turns every time a point was scored (in air hockey and Wii bowling) or as a team in Foosball. 

The kids had a blast playing in the basement like they do every week at small group, they don't care it is just a carpet remnant!

Solon and Mason bonding over the iPad!

The brackets - we won Wii bowling and others won in the other categories!

We did have a leg up as we practiced HARD ;) for the party!  Just kidding!

We had a great time and hopefully we won't wait so long until the next time to do it again, everyone was ready for round 2 never fails to pull out the competitive nature in EVERYONE!