Lovin' Spring..

Are you getting sick of all the spring picture overload?  I am just so happy to have tired, happy kiddos outside in the fresh air, I can't help but snap a picture of the joy they have!  We have been sprung from the inside....thank you God for the change of seasons and the warmth of the sun!

Every year it seems we have to buy a new bubble machine, I buy the cheap ones now as it doesn't matter how much you pay ;).  BUT they do provide hours of entertainment and squeals of delight from both kiddos!

Not sure what they were dreaming up here but they had to come inside to get sunglasses and dug out the cushions.  Solon's imagination is really running wild these day and Vera is happy to oblige him for the most part.  They have become good friends until Vera gets hurt ;)!

Silly sunglasses! 

 So glad we need them - yay for SpRiNg!!!!!