A Winter Trip to a MN Lake...

My parents finally finished (well 95% finished - too cold to finish the outside) their renovation so they finally had a kitchen again.  They had gone without since August, my mom is my hero in more ways then this, but no kitchen and a house torn apart for over 2 years would send me to the loony bin!  Of course the effort was worth it and the finished product is amazing.  I didn't take any pictures because I forgot but I am sure to share after our spring break visit!  This trip was all about hanging out and enjoying MN winter activities.  Solon has been wanting to try his hand at ice skating since he saw us in a picture doing it.  My dad was anxious to drive us out on the lake.  It is currently nearly 3 feet of ice....we weren't going to break through.  The fisherman were having a hard time doing it with their augers.

We all piled in and V found Grandma's lap quickly.

Solon took the coveted front seat (he was so proud of his status!).

It was SO cold and windy we got out and snapped a few pictures and drove the plowed routes.  There was a TON of snow so it didn't feel like you were on the lake except for the known points of interest like the island behind us in the picture above!

V and Grandma stayed in the warm car!

Solon had to take a picture of something black to preschool - why not a MN black fish house?

While we were taking these pictures an ice fisherman came out of one of the houses and I, being super shy, asked him if we could take Solon in for a peak.  My dad and Scott took him and of course learned all sorts of things in the 8 minute house tour!  They didn't catch much this day and many went home - just TOO cold even in their fancy houses.  There are plowed routes, cul de sacs of fish houses and the whole nine yards.  In normal years, they make them take them off the lake March 1st but they extended the deadline by a week since the air temps haven't gotten much above 10 degrees yet!

(total side note but my mom looks ah-mazing, she is doing so well!)

So normally my parents shovel off the lake in front of our house but the kids tried to go sledding but when you fell off Solon would be waist deep in snow so there were two problems, figuring out how to get down to the lake and that is entirely WAY too much snow to scoop for a 30 minute ice skating exercise.  Luckily my sister is a teacher for the schools and happened to know where the secret phy-ed rink was, so we had a nice little rink to ourselves!

Scott refuses to skate, he says he's too tall and the fall would be too hard.  So my sister, dad, Ellen's boyfriend, Solon and I skated and Vera hitched a ride with a variety of us.  Solon LOVED it.   We seriously skated for a good 45 minutes and it was a GOOD workout....I was sweating ;)!

There was a layer of snow on top which actually helped when you fell (yes I fell several times).

All those lessons came back to me, add ice skating to the list of things that is just like riding a bike....you remember....except I can't twirl or skate backward like I use to!  Poor Solon had the wrong socks and ended up with 2 huge blisters on the back of his legs.  They are all healed up and next time we will wear longer socks.  He is hoping he can skate again at spring break!

We also spent time relaxing on their new couch, laughing, playing games and just hanging out.  The weekend went fast and we had to head home!  We still prefer summers on the lake but MNers do know how to have fun in cold weather!