A little river...

It's no secret that the one downside of our new house was it didn't have our old backyard.  It was perfectly flat and had some large established trees to the side so there was some womp, womping when we realized our new home had a slope.  Luckily for us, kids see things differently from us and our new backyard has been one of the favorites of the new home for Solon.  

As the snow was melting, it started to forge a little "river" complete with different little off-shoots and a current, perfect for floating Solon's playmobil speedboat down.  

It was a fun mommy-son date and a good thing I had my new Hunter rain boots.  Solon went through 4 pairs of shoes that day...even his rain boots were too short for the "raging waters".  The river is gone now sadly but it might be back with some April showers!