We are alive, I promise...

Gosh this month - grr....February!

Well we are about to say c'est la vie to it and with it I hope it means fresh beginnings.

I made a sign this weekend that says "think spring".  We keep peeking at our rock pile, er, landscaping to see if any bulbs have poked through but still nothing.

The recovery post-mc has been a little longer than I expected.  I have been tired and have had nightmares, trouble sleeping and headaches.  They say its "normal", I swear they just say any crazy symptom is "normal" and should subside post first period.  Here's to hoping.

I have extremely high expectations of myself and when I can't keep up, I get frustrated and discouraged so this month has brought some challenges.  No one else in this house cares as much as I do, and that isn't a bad thing!  Scott is willing if I ask, I just hate asking...

We will get through this, this too shall pass!

Hang in there, we are living life and having fun and I have pictures to prove it.  I will be back to share what we have been up to.

Until then...hugs!