Valentine's Day...

This Valentine's Day I needed a project, something to get my mind on happy things and so just know, I know this was more for me, than Solon ;)!  I love to craft and do cutesy things!

We actually had a Valentine's snafu because this is our first go-around and I didn't purchase them early SO when we went to get the coveted "Planes" valentines they were sold out.  A little quick thinking and enthusiasm and Solon was sold on the space valentines with accompanying bouncy balls.  I am not a huge fan of gobs of candy...I know kill joy!
So one naptime I whipped up these little tags on my silhouette after downloading a space-themed font for free.  Thank you dafont.

And I had so much fun, I decided to whip up some teacher tags and heck I even made some little card tags to go on our gifts we get the kids.  I am horrible at buying cards, they are just so expensive and end up in the sentimental, I know!

The final product was a space valentine and Solon hand-wrote his name 23 times (it took 2 nights and he tried to get his dad to do it for him ;).  Our kids love bouncy balls and lucky for them there were about 15 leftover that they launched off the 2nd floor balcony...that provided an evening of winter fun in celebration of hand-writing his name that many times!

And then we made dark chocolate brownies for the teachers and tied the card to theirs...something small and disposable.  I knew they would get a lot of little stuff and if they aren't chocolate fans, they could share it or toss it and it only cost me the cost of the mix and the little boxes ;)!

For Valentine's Day we do a couple of little gifts for the kids and leave them wrapped outside their doors when they wake-up.  Vera got a clearance flouncy, fluffy tutu that she hasn't played with once (fail) and Solon got his favorite little microdrifter cars which he plays with constantly.  They also each got a Reese's PB heart that they got to eat for breakfast, they were giddy with excitement!

I actually surprised Scott with tickets to Phantom of the Opera which he really wants to see and had been hinting at for a while.  They weren't on sale to the public but I had a code to buy early so he was quite surprised.  We don't normally do much but it is fun to surprise him with a good gift when I can!  He brought home tulips, I would take spring flowers over roses any day of the week!  Especially this winter ;)!

It was a great Valentine's Day 2014!