The Science Center...

In case you didn't know it has been cold around our like really cold.  So we have been getting creative and taking advantage of our resources.  We went to the science center downtown with some good friends.  We all had fun building lego cars and racing them....the boys played here for a long time until some bigger boys came along ;)!
The girls were content just building and playing.
The kiddos played in this exhibit the majority of the time.  We made and flew rockets.  Luckily, even though daddy wasn't there, mommy still made an amazing rocket, phew!  There was a lot of fun things to do including some water and the planetarium is fun too because it is dark and the boys could lay down next to each other and chat.

We also had perfect timing quite by mistake and the boys made it on the local news during the weather segment.  They tape everyday at the science center.  We tried to explain it to Solon that he was on other people's tv but he was impressed he could see himself and that was about the extent of it.  I enjoyed watching the weatherman stand in front of the green screen and do his thing.  It was about a 5 second delay from "live" tv which was interesting too!

We finally pried the kids out of this exhibit and all the native Iowa animals and had lunch at Noodle Zoo downtown.  The highlight for Solon was we got to ride with the Porter's in their van.  4 car seats and 2 moms in one car - it was a thrill!  :) We sure love to find adventure with the Porter's!