Setting something straight...

I got a lot of comments like this yesterday after I shared my miscarriage story, "Wow Erin you have so much faith" or "You are so brave to share", so I wanted to set something straight.

I am not brave.

I have faith the size of a grape seed.

It is ALL God folks.

Remember I shared this verse...I would have been swallowed, overwhelmed and burned if it weren't for HIM!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.  Isaiah 43:2

When people say I have this "amazing faith" I feel like I get undue credit and the spotlight goes from God to me and it makes me downright uncomfortable because I can't possibly live up to those standards.  God alone holds this hot mess together (and I am still a warm mess ;). 

The reason I share the hard stuff is quite simple -- so people can see God at work in my beautiful mess of a life.  Even though I have Jesus in my heart, I am still imperfect and I still go through tough stuff like everyone else and I am not immune to pain and heartache.  So often as Christians, we sit around trying to find our place on the pedestal, barking our beliefs down their throats, wanting people to see how  perfect our lives are in Christ and rather than bringing people to Him, we push them further away.  No one wants someone holier than thou preaching at them, at least I don't.  God doesn't say fix the sin and then find me, He says come in whatever shape you are in and I will help you.  He dined with everyone, didn't care what they had going on in their lives and for some reason we think we should fix the sin before they find Christ.  We have it BACKWARD folks!

What people want to see is someone like them, who struggles, who hurts, who has real problems, pains and frustrations in this life and can relate.  AND then we can show them that we survive this messy life for one reason and one reason only, because God has us in His hands and He is faithful and loving and then they might just start to wonder if this God can help them.  

So the one thing I want people to understand is I am an open book so that God can be seen in my life, that when I hit hard times and my faith is strengthened, not broken -- it's because of Him.  That I have greater hope in him and don't blame Him for the circumstances in my life -- it's because of Him.

So although I appreciate the amazing love, shout outs and support I received, I hope above all else - God gets the glory and He shines BRIGHTER than me because He is the one that we all need to survive this crazy thing we call life and I want to serve Him faithfully with my whole heart and luckily He will use this hot mess also known as Erin  :)!