Family Movie Nights...

Scott and I both have fond memories of watching the Disney family movie on Sunday nights when we were kids and now that Sunday night TV is not G-rated, we have turned either a Friday/Saturday night into our family movie night. We have been even making our own stove-top popcorn (made with REAL butter and coconut oil - sweet and savory - and healthy too!)

Another fun thing we do is squish our 2 couches together to make a big bed-like couch and get lots of blankets and pillows and cuddle in.

So far we have seen --
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
Mary Poppins
Sophia the First

We can't wait til we get our copy of Frozen in Mid-March!  Grandma loaned us a few more classic Disney movies so we have several more movie nights worth :)!  It is a fun way to spend the evening together and make sweet memories.

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