The Christmas festivities keep going and going and going...

We said farewell to Papa and Nana on the 27th.  They had to get home and packed for their winter in Florida (not jealous at all ;) and we had to clean up a bit for our next round of visitors...
Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Ellen came to celebrate a little more Christmas, exchange a few more gifts and bring us the stuff they already gave us since they get free baggage check.  Solon and I had found some fur facial accessories and knew Auntie Ellen would enjoy getting them from the kids...we all had fun trying them out!

We spent the late afternoon unwrapping gifts and was a very relaxing day!

Auntie Ellen and Grandpa hard at work building something while Grandma and Vera have tea at the table they brought (which was mine when I was little and I think my mom's before that) is just on loan ;)!

After a delicious dinner of raclette, I may have instigated a plastic ball war....Grandpa is not competitive at all and hopped behind the couch with an arsenal of balls....
Solon got smart and used Vera's new sled as a shield.

The next morning we got up and worked on a gingerbread house.  We did have to use some hot glue for the structure...

...and we did some more playing and relaxing...and watching football, there was definitely football on :)!

....cheesers with Grandma (by the way doesn't she look fabulous she is this close to one-derland :).

My grandparents and Scott's best friend from college came Saturday too so we had a full house.  Mom, dad and Auntie Ellen watched the kids while we took Kelly, his girl friend and another college friend out to eat.  Sunday we did more lounging before it was time to say see you soon.

Solon has been going through grandparent withdrawal and called Grandma yesterday to see if she could come for a visit and she agreed....we can't wait to see her at the end of the month!

We were tucked out after a busy month and lots of celebrating....Vera even fell asleep on the couch that Monday when daddy went back to work....which never happens!!!
I think that rounds out our Christmas festivities - it was a great end to 2013...looking forward to what 2014 will bring!