Potty Training Round 2...

It is true what they say when you do something with your 2nd child you are a tad more laid back (or in my case lazy?) and some things you are more hesitant to do because you know what is coming.  With Solon I wanted to be "that mom" who had her child potty-trained at a decent age and he was at some point...with a few bumps and bruises along the way (not literally just figuratively of course ;).

So when Vera started showing interest in using the restroom like a big girl, I put the brakes on.  I knew that this would mean I had to be diligent, on my game, on the ball, you name it - I had to be ready at all times with a bathroom nearby.  I also had to arm my purse with a change of clothes and cute little princess underwear everywhere we went and I knew there would be moments at someone's house or some public place where my daughter would be standing in a puddle beneath her....okay you get the picture.  I am not one of those moms anymore that pushes for the end of diapers, I am fine with the small nominal expense that allows me to be lazy ;)!

BUT my equal parts spicy and sweet daughter had other intentions and Scott and I knew we needed to seize the opportunity right after Christmas when the chaos had settled and we had a few days at home to practice (which is really important, choose a few days to not go anywhere so they have a chance to get the idea and be successful).

We had already gone to Target and Gymboree and let her pick out some tiny undies, washed them up and they were ready to go.  We also dug out the little frog potty and toilet rings.  Solon preferred the rings and Vera prefers the frog potty (I think since she is so petite yet independent, the frog potty is more her thing).  Funny how each kid is different - just go with it :)!

So one morning, she got up and wanted to wear them and so we let her.  We set the kitchen timer and every 20 minutes we would take her to the toilet.  She didn't go at first but eventually she did.  We feed them lots of choice drinks that we normally wouldn't - namely apple juice for us.  The one thing she differed from brother was she can hold it for a LONG time making practice harder.  She also missed once but came running and had stopped mid-stream only to finish on the toilet.  We don't discipline for accidents just explain that big girls or in her case princesses pee on the toilet (and yes I pulled the princess card - she is one after all ;).  All day we set the timer and she seemed to like company that day so I would generally go with her and use the restroom too.  Whatever works.  We also had purchased some fun new stickers and she had a whole shirt full by days end.

Now with Solon, we continued the whole take him often strategy for several days and then would have to ask.  Vera already 50% of the time tells us she has to go.  She is VERY independent and has been known to try to empty her toilet into the real toilet only to spill all over the floor.  We have talked at length about how mommy needs to help.  My floor is very clean ;)!

Now after two weeks of potty training, when we are out in public I always take her right when we got some place (she will never go at home - loves to see new bathrooms) and right before we leave some place.   So far she has done great at the gym, bible study and church with no accidents as long as I remember to take her before and after.  Playdates are tricky because she is so busy playing with friends, she doesn't take the time to potty and even if I take her, she doesn't always go.

Now, number 2 is always fun.  I say it is harder to teach because there is less opportunity to practice.  Vera was not interested and still is hit or miss in this department and several other moms agree this can either be a "you get it" or "you wait" thing.  We got some special "big" dollar spot prizes which worked initially but now she will wait til bedtime or vanish for a few minutes and come back so I don't have a clear answer for you there....trial and error.  She is smart, she knows....she doesn't want to waste her time sitting around ;).

So there is our 2nd round of potty training for you - nothing super wild, crazy or new but worked for us :)  If you want to see what I did last time check out this blog post....

And note Vera and Solon both tried once before this and failed simply weren't ready, we had several accidents and didn't seem to get the concept so I bailed and tried again a few months later.