It's time to take responsibility...

Right before Christmas as I was taking the kids to school, we pick up an extra little one...we were talking about our mornings.  The extra we pick up mentioned she did all of her chores and I nearly stopped breathing - chores - why hadn't I thought of that.  Surely Solon was old enough to take some responsibility.  Our doctor even said he needed to get dressed on his own (yes I still dressed him - judge away).  SO after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and my new laminator burning (not literally) a hole in my pocket...I got to work after Scott and I discussed some reasonable jobs for both Solon and Vera.  The teacher in me came out making this little chart...pent up teacher craftiness, just waiting to come out...I know, I know!

I made a little chart with 4 boxes for Solon and 3 for Vera.  I got a free magnet that had just come in the mail with the calendar on it, clothes pin and hot glue after I had made the little picture icons (with my silhouette) and laminated them. There is just something about the smell of hot plastic....okay moving on...
I cut the magnet in half - one for each chart and glued that to the back and then glued the little icons on clothespins.  I really wanted to velcro but didn't have any so we went with it for now...I can always fix it when I remember to finally get that at the store!
Vera has 3 chores that are age appropriate...
1.  Put her jammies in the laundry room and throw her pull-up away in the morning and put clothes in laundry at night.
2.  Clear her place at the dinner table.
3.  Brush her teeth (we are horrible about remembering - this post is turning into a bare all...)
We stuck them on the fridge for a little visual reminder and you know me in fridges so eventually they have migrated to the side...but still work great as a visual reminder for me as much as the kids.  I have a tendency to just do it when I think of it - but I need to teach them the art of responsibility and taking ownership over themselves and keeping our home tidy.

Solon has the same ones as Vera except in addition to putting his clothes away, he needs to get himself dressed and put all the kid dishes and silverware away from the clean dishwasher.

 The first few days of the dishwasher were painful for him and me because he just threw it all in there while grumbling but it has improved, thankfully!

We will see what we add on in the future - so far they get nothing but the satisfaction of completing the task and some good old fashioned praise but I know the day is coming, they will want an allowance - just not yet!

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