Christmas Day...

The kids let us sleep in until 7:50am!  I guess wearing them out with travel helps the sleeping in factor.  I hopped out of bed so excited - I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  Of course I made sure Santa made it, turned on the tree and snapped a few photos before I took the ceremonial picture of the kids on the steps...

They were excited!!!

They ran downstairs and saw the jump-o-lene first....Solon said "we didn't even ask for this!"...and it was love at first sight, it has been worth every $37 I spent on cyber Monday even if we popped the top two rings already ;)!
It took them a few minutes to realize there were other things under the tree for each of them...they love to dig into their stockings first.  Solon found some underwear, socks, GUM, and some other fun gadgets and games in his.

They both got what they wanted and when Vera opened up her stroller, it was priceless.  She screamed "my stroller, my stroller" she was SO excited and then the same thing for her umbrella.  Yes she really wanted an umbrella, I will remind her of that when she is older.
She had all of her stuff on within the hour - the Sophia dress, her princess purse and popped up her umbrella all while cooking with her new little set for her house.  Solon got some motion-censored traffic signs.  A friend of mine found them at a consignment store and knew Solon would love them and they were a steal and SO cool.
We whipped up some sourdough pancakes and bacon for breakfast (a Port specialty) and sipped coffee while the kids played totaled the house.  It is the one day I let them get EVERY last thing out and not have to pick up - I know I am so mean!  I stayed in my pj's for most of the day and we hung out.

My mother-in-law did help me set the table and we had Scott's 2nd cousin Andrea with us for a lovely Christmas meal and of course Jesus' birthday cake for dessert.  We actually had 2 cakes so both kids got to blow out His candle!  We even did a little devotion that our church sent home to talk about the components of the cake - it was a great way to teach the kids about the reason for the season!
We ended the day with more relaxation, another round of appetizers and plenty of sweets!

What a perfect Christmas - we are so thankful and blessed.  And the cherry on top, it was a WHITE Christmas....