A little more Christmas time fun...

Despite my attempts to savor the season and take it slow, between Scott's busy work schedule, only 18 days in December before Christmas festivities began and the toy give away, our December was BuSy!  Now as I type, January is the opposite - why do we do that to ourselves!  Anywho, we did sneak in some parties and fun so I thought I would recap...
So for a stay at home mom who wears more yoga pants than I care to admit (don't ask what I am wearing today), getting gussied up for Scott's company party is exciting and overwelming. I may have had a group text going of what shoes to wear with this dress my mom and I found at a boutique in FL (the price tag was $40).  After a quick purchase at Target, we headed to Prairie Meadows Convention Center (attached to the casino) for the party.  It was a lucky night for us as we won a tailgate grill which we returned and got a TV for our bedroom (I know we are wild!) and $25 cash for a full house poker hand in this social they did.  They also had an improv group and yummy food - it was a fun time out!
The following weekend we had a Christmas dinner concert at church.  My praise band did about 8 songs and there was a bunch of others that sang as well.  It was a fun time!  We sat with our community group and there was free babysitting in the student center.  A great date night out with friends!
We also had our friends, The Porter's, over for dinner and had the kids exchange gifts.  We also introduced them to a family favorite, Raclette.  They loved it and we had a lovely evening enjoying each other's company!
And to round out that weekend, we had our community group for a Christmas party.  The kids decorated cookies, had a gently used book exchange and played a few Christmas games while us parents had a white elephant exchange.  I gave a feminine pad with an eye drawn on it (get it iPad) and there was a flamingo for your yard and a baconator for perfect microwave bacon!  There were tears from laughing so hard :)!

We managed to squeeze in some serious fun into December...now we need to think of an excuse to have fun in January?!  Ugly ski glove party anyone?