A little Birthday Basketball...

As fate would have it, Scott got 4 2nd row basketball tickets from work the night before his birthday.  To say he was excited was an understatement.  I didn't know until he got home (dang phone) and we quickly changed into cardinal and gold and headed to Ames!  It has been a great season for the Cylcones and we were happy to witness one of their "W"'s for the season!  The close proximity meant the kiddos were quite engaged the entire time and we also played "Where's Cy" with Vera...she was concerned with his wear abouts (most likely so she would know to jump into my arms if he was close!).

Coach Fred (excuse me while I blush - ha!)

Happy Birthday Scott - thanks for working so hard for our family and sharing a little reward with us!!!!  You are the love of my life and THE BEST father!