To Florida We go...

We loaded up EARLY the Saturday before Thanksgiving and headed to sunny Florida to visit family and a certain famous mouse!  The first thing out of Vera's mouth when we woke her up at 4:30am was "princess" and well Solon popped right out of bed and started jabbering a mile a minute.  To say they were excited was an understatement!

I always pack LOTS of snacks and a few new surpises from the dollar spot at Target.  This time flying Vera was old enough for her own seat.

Both kiddos loved checking out the vast world below and spotting palm trees upon arrival!  Solon even cheered when we landed and those around us laughed :)!
This is how we roll...a lifesaver traversing Disney and the airports!
Riding the tram to meet Grandma...we met her, grabbed some lunch and headed the hour east to the Atlantic side of Florida to the beach!
Solon was really helpful with the luggage...
After we got settled and spent some time on the beach that afternoon, we headed to dinner at the Dolphin View restaurant.  It did offer views of a few dolphins making their way around the intercoastal waterway.  We also missed a manatee by about 30 seconds, we saw the bubbles and splash - nuts!

It was a beautiful, warm evening and we enjoyed fresh seafood in the warm air as opposed to the sub-zero weather we would have had at home.  It was a great first day in sunny Florida!  We all crashed, after our early morning wake-up call, shortly after dinner.