Florida Day 3...

Well day 3, albeit sunny, was still VERY windy and our lungs were still sore from the day before (almost chafed like...).  So with some quick thinking, we hopped in the car for Daytona Beach, just a 15 minute trip north from NSB.  Daytona is not quite what is used to be (in my humble opinion) and looking a little worse for the wear but we did find a fun mini golf place and of course ate at Steak N'Shake (since for some sad reason we don't have those in IA or MN).   After that, we made another snap decision to visit the Ponce Inlet lighthouse.  The tallest, still working light house in Florida on our way back.  I am so glad we did, after all the years of being down there, I had never gone and it has beautifully maintained!

 I am 99.9% sure my mom thought we were nuts hiking up and down 402 spiral stairs with our munchkins.  Solon hiked up and down by himself and Vera hitched a ride mostly with daddy.  It was a work out for sure but worth the views at the top.

Did I mention it was windy?
Once at the top we could look south toward NSB and the inlet that divides Daytona Beach and NSB.
Scott and Vera coming down (you can't see her because I made him carry her on the inside wall, just to be cautious ;)!
I am not horribly scared of heights but Solon did mention, while holding my hand, that my palms were sweaty...and I got dizzy once or twice - going around in circles!
Grandma happily waited at the bottom for us with our stroller and then we finished checking out the grounds!
Vera was not much into playing golf but she enjoyed picking everyone's balls up ;)!
Solon was quite competitive and had fun with us all...

Madelynne and Bailey were on their way from TX so we made it home for a quick nap and swim before they arrived in time for dinner.