A few more days in Florida...

The weather was down right RaNdOm while were in FL!  We made the most of it and spent a lot of time just hanging out which is interesting with 2 busy kiddos!  One day the kids swam and the rest of us sat pool side out of the 40 mph winds.  The pool was heated thankfully...we also ate out a lot at all of our favorites!

JB's fish camp with the gang...a tradition!

Bailey and Grandpa (with a Solon photo bomb - my mom taught him how ;)
Erin, Vera and Madelynne

My sweet boy - oh I love him so much...even if he is drinking mountain dew...seriously he is sneaky and I didn't notice until now!
Grandpa relaxing...it was warmer the last day but got windy but we were determined to be on the beach and play in the sand!
My love and I....I am so blessed!
My bug...she has a thing for hoods and pockets these days!
Hard at work...
Our masterpiece...can you tell what it is?  Yep, an octopus!  A total group effort and fun to make...

It was fun to be with family on the beach and enjoy the sunshine!