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Wednesday, November 6, 2013
As part of my mass parks n'rec sign up, I signed up Solon for tumble tots under the recommendation it was a good way for them to learn balance and flexibility and see if they were interested in this type of class.  It is run by some young ladies who don't have a lot of passion but Solon absolutely loves it so that is all that matters.  We actually asked for tumbling lessons for Christmas.  Solon asked Santa for a tumbling mat and balance beam too, we will see if he can come through :)!
The class is 45 minutes long and there are about 10 4 year olds (both boys and girls evenly split).  They spend time skipping with each leg leading, doing somersaults, jumping, bouncing on the trampoline, walking the balance beam, and other tumbling type moves.  Solon eats it all up.  The 45 minutes really does go fast.  Vera wishes she could join and every once in a while will sneak into the line up :).
They always spend time stretching...

It is fun to watch him obey and listen intently to the teacher and try his best.  He is totally a first born rule follower :)!  He has a few more weeks.  We are still getting use to having a week night commitment so we forgot last week.  Scott and I felt awful and Solon was not ready to forgive us.

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