Solon's preschool Art: September - November...

Solon has been whipping up some real masterpieces at preschool this fall.  They do a craft/art project at least once a week so we implemented an art wall by the back door and then I take a picture of each piece before making room for the next wave of art.  I have been saving a few for keepsakes but he has a lot of school ahead of him so I thought taking photo evidence for the blog book would be great too.  So here is our first art installment for Solon!

Lemon Art

Circle Art

Hand Art

Dot Art Leaves (done at home with mom!)

Sponge art caterpillar

Monster art

Fire Truck shape art

Pumpkin plate art

Acorn shaking art
(put paint on an acorn and shook it around in the box to make this effect)

There you have it - my budding crafter/artist.  He has brown hands today so I am thinking more art is coming home after Thanksgiving break, good thing we made room on our art wall...