Solon's 1st School Picture and a little pre-school update...

2013-2014 3 Year Old Prescchool

I can't believe Solon has been in school for nearly 3 months and it has been a wonderful experience.  Besides, missing the first day for flu, we haven't missed a day since.  He is thriving in this new environment which makes him momma take a deep breath of relief.  He is a homebody and likes the security of the familiar so I was really worried about the transition but God was faithful in answering our prayers.  He has 3 teachers in his classroom and 22 kids.  They sing songs (while a teacher accompanies on a good old upright piano).  They read books, count, experiment, craft, play, and of course I get a daily report on the weather and snack.  He comes home singing all the songs and his teacher reported he is one of the most passionate singers in class and asked if we ever sang at home (I politely smiled and said yes, I didn't tell her to what degree ;).  

I drop him off in the morning, he hangs his backpack on his assigned hook and I barely get a kiss and love you mom before he dashes off to put his sticker on his attendance card.  They have all the toys that say quintessential preschool classroom and things I remember playing with when I was a kid.  He loves the science table, this week there is an alligator head and snake there.  He also loves the car garage during play time.  His other favorite activity is the parachute, it was one of my favorites as a kid too.  

He is a sponge coming home everyday with some tidbit or fact and has been asking some really good questions at home on all sorts of topics including his faith.  Just the other day he asked us "How do you get to heaven? and then in the next breath talked about toots.  He is all toddler boy!  He just came home and told us autumn is another word for fall and was particularly excited to learn where the library books go in the chute on their recent field trip.

His teachers are super sweet and kind, we haven't had a formal conference yet and it is taking every teacher-y fiber in my body not to ask them how he is doing academically!  He has recently wanted to learn how to count past 100 and he was very determined for about a week to practice until he got it.  Wow, counting to 120 takes a lot of time but we got it!  

We are so proud of the little man God has made.  We continually work on his attitude at home but sounds like he is very obedient, good friend and listener at school which is good news.  Thanking God for such a sweet little man!