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Soccer is Over...

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Well, we finished soccer with a fit in the car....not exactly how we thought it would end.  The 2nd to last game Grandma and Grandpa Wetherbee joined us and Solon actually did really well.  He nearly got a goal (like people were cheering) and it was a long kick kind of goal.  The kid has some talent but he is so afraid of getting run over by the other kids he really is hesitant.  I really want to encourage him to keep playing and conquering his fear but we shall see.  He starts basketball after Christmas and he says he doesn't want to play.  The thing is he beyond loves to play all sports at home in his safe environment so we are stumped.  He especially loved the practice time with his team.  They were so cute and all were kind of out to lunch so it was a perfect, laid back team to be a part of.  All the parents were super awesome and cheered for everyone which I loved.  I was extra thankful after a father from the other team came and yelled at our team for something.  He nearly started passing out punches, I couldn't believe someone could get so fired up about a 4 year old soccer game...but alas we were there for the learning experience and so was our team!

Here is a little video showing how he can actually participate if he feels like it....I think he gets his stubborn streak from his mama...oy vey!

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