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Pizza Making...

Friday, November 15, 2013
We are trying to overhaul our diet to 80% healthy 20% non-healthy around, that is much harder than it sounds once you really look at the average American diet.  The last few Fridays we have been making homemade pizzas and having family movie night.  We even squish the two couches together to make it bed-like and all snuggle in together!  I got refrigerated pizza dough at Trader Joe's and the kind lady told me I could freeze it and just thaw before use!  It is really good and fun for the kids to roll out and make their own mini does make a mess (so I always ask myself why at the end!).  

Another favorite is to make tortilla pizzas for lunch...tortilla, pepperoni and cheese on top!  It make a good, fast lunch and the kiddos love making them!

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