Most likely the last biking adventure of the season...

We spent the last nice weekend packing up for the winter, cleaning up the garage, sorting a few things that had yet to be done from the move and preparing for winter.  Before we put up the bikes for the year we wanted to check one more thing off of our summer bucket list even though it was fall so we hopped on our bikes and off we went to Hawkeye Park to feed the ducks.
Enjoying a nice fall evening as a family :)
Vera was mostly interested in observing... 
(and yes she is wearing PJ's - she is 2, so you can imagine how that went down!)
Solon, however, was very careful to make sure all ducks were fed, that they shared and that he talked to them sweetly as he fed them.  Scott told him what the males and females each looked like so then he referred to the females as "ladies".  "Here ladies, come get your yummy bread."  Those ducks are well-fed, I think they will survive their migration south and hopefully they find another pond where people feed them, I am not sure they know how to feed themselves :).

After feeding the ducks, we headed over to the school I used to teach at.  Solon had wanted to try out this playground forever.  It was fun to watch my kiddos play where I used to watch so many other kiddos play...

They loved it.  It has lots and lots of fun slides, a little bridge and other fun things. They were in heaven. If the sun wasn't setting so early these days, we would have stayed a lot longer!  The kiddos are playing more and more together and enjoying make believing together.  It is fun to listen to their little conversations.

On the way home they had my phone and I had about 15 photos of their shoes.  Solon is really into taking photos with my phone...had to include one because it made me laugh!
We love where we live now as we can get to so many parks and places by bike path.  We didn't have that luxury on the other part of town.  We hope to have some more adventures next summer and by then we can work on Solon's leg strength and he can pedal along!