It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas...

We love tradition around here and Christmas has a lot of them, starting with getting ready.  We choose a weekend day to pull out the boxes, put up the tree, drink egg nog, listen to Christmas music and belt it out and have a fondue dinner...while the kiddos decorate the tree with our help ;)!  We had to do it early this year (and I have gotten so much heat).  My response every time is that i should be able to celebrate the birth of our savior longer than halloween! AND we are on vacation until December 1 and I want to enjoy it the minute we get home - so there (my tongue is stuck out at you too!).  Scott spent some time making our outside look delightfully festive - he even used the staple gun - it looks fabulous and classy (in my humble opinion!).
Then he whipped up the fondue (out of the box - thanks TJ's)
While I tackled was fun to think of how to decorate our new home.  My decor didn't go quite as far (I guess I will have some after Christmas shopping to do).
We got out all the Christmas books and the kiddos were excited to get reunited with them and the Little People nativity set and all the singing animals that we have for Christmas...
Our old tree looked dwarfed in our new home and then the lights didn't all work so Scott decided to speed up buying a tree to before Christmas and I am so thankful!  It looks great in our family room!  Solon was so heartbroken over the old tree, it is in our front window.  I am hoping to rectify it into a "pretty" tree next year after the sales post- Christmas!  Our family room tree holds all of our family ornaments, the kiddos get one each year to carry on the tradition both Scott and I had as kiddos.  They love getting them out each year and reminiscing as do we!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!