Monday, November 18, 2013

Impromptu Jumping in Leaves...

Solon has been quite disappointed that our new house had minimal leaf action this fall.  We do have 2 trees but we live in a wind alley it seems so they blew off to someone elses' house with no chance to jump in them first.  Our old house had some pretty established trees on the perimeter of our lot which was great for minimal raking but lots of jumping!  So one Sunday as we were walking to the car, Solon noticed the side lot of our church had quite a lot of leaves and decided to take a moment to play in them.  I had seriously contemplated posting to FB that I would come rake someone's leaves and take them home with me - that is how much he had talked about it.  Luckily God gave Solon an made for lots of laughs as the other church goers were exiting the lot.  I even got a text from a friend asking what we were doing...
We did everything from the tradition run and jump to burying Solon and V to an all out leaf fight!

So glad we could cross this activity of our fall to do list...It was certainly at the top of Solon's favorite fall activities list!!!

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