Halloween 2013...

We snuck in some pumpkin carving the night before trick or treating around here.  We trick or treat on the 30th, don't ask me why.  This year we hosted a Halloween party for our small group, complete with games, costumes and of course lots of yummy fall food and drinks!

Solon had carved a pumpking with his preschool class so he had an idea of what he wanted his to look like and gave us specific instructions.  We worked as a team clearing out the pumpkin guts and then I am the official template drawer and carver.  We don't do anything fancy, we like the traditional jack-o-lantern faces around here!

Vera was really into it this year...
...and for the first time Solon didn't gag when he reached in and pulled out the pulp!
He wanted 2 circle eyes to be drilled out, a triangle nose and a smiling mouth with 4 teeth (since he is 4 of course - geesh!).
He helped daddy with the drill...
...and voila, a nice big brother completed how he wanted it!

Next up was little lady and her little sister pumpkin, she also wanted to make eyes with the drill and we let her do the nose too :)...
Her's was a jolly pumpkin indeed!

And our finished products...added a lot to our stoop decor!

And of course we had to get our traditional stoop photo but these days photos and my kiddos don't get along ;) so we snapped a few and gave up...remember back to last year.

Of course our tradition is to roast up the seeds with a little seasoned salt and eat them warm. Vera started off strong but then promptly spit them all out.  The rest of us enjoyed them! 

Scott's ref crew got asked to ref a playoff game (an honor).  Unfortunately, it coincided with beggars night aka trick or treat.  Luckily, Grandma was planning to come so it all worked out.  I had to wrestle Vera into her costume, she didn't want to wear it at all!  There were serious tears and she refused to wear shoes, we are officially 2 these days :)!

Solon couldn't wait to go and had so much fun this year as a shark (his first year picking his costume).  We went to about 6 houses and they were so generous, our bags were full.  Solon thought he had plenty and was ready to go home and try it out.  He had more fun, I think, handing the candy out to other trick or treaters.  We had a good crowd and a wide range of ages and costumes!

They both had fun looking at all their candy with grandma and sampling more candy then mom would ever allow on any other day :)!
It ended on a good note with sugar-filled bellies and lots of belly laughs with grandma before we all crashed from our sugar highs and went to bed.

Happy Halloween from the little bee and shark :)