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Driving Miss Daisy...

Monday, November 4, 2013
Vera refuses to even attempt driving her pink car.  She really prefers to be chauffeured.  I have been known to drive her if Solon is busy driving his tractor.  We are trying to squeeze in some Vitamin D before the long winter months ahead so we bundled up and headed outside for some driving time the other day.

The kiddos really like to play drive thru.  They are order from a distance and then drive down the sidewalk to pick up their drive thru order.  It cracks me up to hear how realistic and familiar their orders are :).
Towards the end Vera decided her baby needed to take a ride.  Safety first (kind of).  baby was secure in her seatbelt in the seat but not sure the proper restraints were in place in the convertible :).  I will say Solon is a seasoned and excellent driver and the roadways were pretty quiet!

I always wanted one of those cars as a kid....so that may be why I hop in from time to time.  Imagine what my neighbors must think...

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