Vera opens her presents...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
My new motto is better late than never and I know the grandparents will like an update today so who cares if this over a month late **wink!  Vera did open her presents on the evening of her birthday and we also had a little cake and sung her happy birthday!  She totally got present opening this year, much to her bro's dismay as he wanted to help her (ie open them for her).  He got a brother gift from Vera though so he survived.  She loved her bubble machine and bubbles from Solon and got a new baby carriage, bitty baby stuff, Minnie PJs, and playdoh she got from mommy and daddy.  She also was spoiled with many nice gifts from family on her special day too!  Happy Birthday again our sweet baby girl!

**She would wear character PJ's every night of the week if she could.  She is in love with Minnie, Sophia the 1st, the princess and "Bell" aka Tinkerbell!

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