Teach Me Titus Tuesday - Being Content

Well Thankful Thursday ended and this study I am doing called Stuck by Jennie Allen is really just cutting me to the core.  We picked it because we wanted the women in the group to get past the shiny exteriors and dig in to the messier insides we all have.  We might not be stuck in the same places but we all have places we are stuck.  We are too paralyzed by fear, shame or pride to get unstuck.  She covers several topics many of us struggle with.  I highly recommend it if you are ready to look in the mirror and be broken over your sin, because once you are, you can get unstuck.

So this week we are talking about being discontent.

Our world is discontent.

I am, on most days, discontent with something in my life.

And there was something I never realized before about being discontent.  It doesn't just effect me.  It effects my family.  Most specifically my husband.  Let me give you one example of many, I love to look at houses and dream bigger and better.  It is somewhat of a hobby that turns into yearning at times.  One night a couple years ago (before we moved recently) we were having a conversation and I am sure I said something like "I want this house..." and nonchalantly showed him.  After the discussion dwindled about that particular house we got to talking some more...and something he said stopped me in my tracks and I have held on to it since that night.

Scott said, when you talk about a bigger, fancier house what I hear you say is "I am not providing well enough for our family."


Being discontent had caused Scott to feel inadequate in his providing.  (He is an amazing provider by the way!)

In the same way, on my best day, when I am being extra thankful there are parts of my life, I am not thankful for....am I causing God to feel inadequate in His provision.  I am blessed beyond measure by His provision but being discontent (sin) blinds me to it.

In this world, we can chase after whatever our heart desires and the world says chase it.

But what does God's word say...Solomon, a man who had everything he ever wanted said this in Ecclesiastes 1:14.

 I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

We will never be content with the things of this world, we will only be chasing a never catch-able wind.  The challenge in our study was to write everything down that would make us content and look at the list.  Would we be content with all of that "stuff".  The answer is no...there would always be something "more".

God alone can quench our thirst for more.  He gives us the weapons (2 Corinthians 10:4) of prayer, His word and His spirit.  We must find contentment in Christ.

The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.
1 John 2:17

Let's get broken over our discontentment and sweep those pieces out of our soul so there is more room for contentment and thanksgiving.  If God's people were content in a world of discontentment, think of the testimony He could have!