Harvest at our house....

Year after year I report about harvest and it was serendipitous that again I can report that despite a change of address we still own property adjacent to a corn field.  I often wonder that in my 80's I will grow a 3rd arm from the peticides in close proximity but alas you can see where my mind wanders to...
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This year we arrived home from preschool just in time to see the combine go by on the first sweep of the field.  SO we got to watch all afternoon as he traversed by row after row after row.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it too and it fascinates me how the beans go in as a plant and come out shucked - crazy farm technology.

After they emptied, the lady farmer in the tractor honked and waved as she went back to unload the harvest.
And you can't possibly go in to eat lunch so we ate a harvest-side lunch.  It was still warm there (oh how I miss that weather).
What a special experience to share when city meets country in the suburbs of Iowa.  Both of Scott's grandparents were farmers so I am sure their two great-grandpas would smile knowing our kiddos can experience a taste of harvest.