Celebrating in Chicago...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
So on my actual 30th birthday my hubby treated me to 9 envelopes - the first surprising me with a trip to Chicago, just the 2 of us.  I was so excited and then he outdid himself and did the most romantic right out of a movie thing he has ever done and placed activities for us to do including reservations and gift cards in the 8 subsequent envelopes.  I about died at the thought that went into it - I felt VERY loved....I am totally tooting his horn :)!

So the 1st envelope held a gift card to the outlet mall on route to Chicago and directions to the Whitey's in the QC.  My most favoriest ice cream place on earth.  I drool at the thought of a mint chocolate chip shake with chocolate flavoring.  My mom craved it while I was in the womb...SO GOOD!

We got some good stuff at the mall and then headed east to get ice cream right after lunch...
 Then envelope 2 was we headed to Downers Grove area to go to the new Ikea in Chicago.  We didn't get too much but who doesn't love just walking around that big blue box...
We also hit up a thrift store, got some birthday shopping done for Vera, and headed to HomeGoods (TJ Maxx for the home and we don't have on in DSM) before heading to Giordanos' for Chicago style deep dish pizza & college football! (envelope 3)

This was the incredible sunset on the way...God is good!

This may have been the best cheese-y bread I have ever had.  I tried not to eat too much but I could only eat 1 piece of that deep dish pizza, it was so filling and yummy and full of cheese. 
 Scott did great with the hotel - we stayed the Renaissance Blackstone (envelope 4) near Millenium Park.  It had the most magnificent views of the Willis Tower and lower Michigan Avenue.
 Envelope 5 held plans for day 2 and said "see the sights and shops of Michigan AVE".  That was what we did...first stop was the waterfront park and walked north to Millenium Park...

 Millennium Park Pedestrian Bridge

Millennium Park Amphitheater

The famous "Bean" at Millennium Park

And then we hiked and by hiked I mean hiked to Navy Pier, little did we know by the time we got to Navy Pier we had walked 2.5 miles and our flip flops were killing us.  We stopped to get band-aids which proved to be profitable because the nice clerk gave us free tickets to ride the carousel.  We stopped and grabbed Chicago's famous "Garrett's Popcorn" for the ride...it was delicious but I may have had cheese-y marks on my outfit for the remainder of the day, it was worth it though.  We got the Chicago Mix!  We also enjoyed resting and enjoying the views and not chasing after munchkins...or worrying they would fall off the pier ;)!

We had lunch at a pub off of Michigan Ave and enjoyed football food of stuffed taters and burgers while watching da' bears, we aren't fans but when in Chicago we rooted for them!  Then we rounded out the day shopping and window shopping before heading back to put our poor tired, sore tootsies up for a bit...and enjoy CABLE TV (I know stop laughing!)....HGTV and I were reunited and Scott loved his ESPN time!

That night we had reservations (envelope 6) at Shaw's Crab House (by way of the most crazy taxi driver), it came recommended by my dad.  We never go out for seafood so it was a real treat. Scott had crab legs and I had the seafood platter with shrimp, crab cakes and scallops!  It was all so yummy...

And after dinner we headed to the top of the John Hancock Building (the 96th floor I believe) for a drink at the Signature Room Bar (envelope 7)...it was fun people watching and the views were amazing.  The city was quite a buzz for a Sunday evening!

Then we caught a cab back to the hotel...did I mention the bathroom had a TV in it (I obviously don't get out much).
And we enjoyed our own personal view of the city...
We slept in (yes you read that correctly) til about 8:30 - it was heavenly!  We headed out to Naperville to the Land of Nod and Crate & Barrel Outlet (envelope 8) before heading back home.  I did find a few tiny treasures but no furniture ;)!  A hidden gem in Chicago though...
It was so great to get away and spend time with my love and just have fun together.  We love to find adventure and do new things together.  The theme of the weekend was eat, shop and rest and we did a lot of all 3 - a perfect combo for a long weekend away!  Thanks to Nana and Papa who stayed with the munchkins, we were told they had more fun than us....I will say it was a tie :)!

What a way to welcome the 30's...30 is definitely growing on me ;)

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  1. What a fantastic trip! And what a sweet husband to plan it! All those pictures of Chicago make me a tiny bit homesick for the big city!

  2. WOW! You didn't tell me about all the "envelopes" he did?!! Great job, Scott! You both are so blessed to have each other - love you!


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