A Trip to the Orchard...

News flash Mother Nature it's fall (just this week it is FINALLY feeling like it).  Last week we went from upper 80's to 50's over the weekend.  Luckily this week we are in the mid-70's with chilly mornings and crisp evenings, it finally feels like fall.  We have been enjoying our season passes to Center Grove Orchard, thanks to my Aunt Chris and cousins, who got us them for Christmas.  It was an awesome idea, THANK YOU!  Our kiddos love to drive the 20 minutes north and every year we see several farmers in their fields harvesting on our trips, what a fun way to be connected to the harvest.  What says fall more then a trip to our favorite orchard :)!

We went with our friends one day and then went back with daddy on the weekend so that is why we have a wardrobe change :)!  It never fails, we have to get a 1/2 dozen of apple cider doughnuts for the trip home.  Vera eats an entire one herself and begs for more :).
A fan favorite is their gigantic corn pool.  I have found corn in my washer/dryer and even in my bathroom and in the couch cushions.  They find their way home with us :).
My dolly :)

We went on a Sunday right after early service of church and we do the orchard backward, attractions at the back forward so we had the place pretty much to ourselves at first.  It was a lovely day but heated up so we were all HOT by the end...dress fail :)!  Vera actually enjoyed the jumping pillow this year and especially loved jumping HIGH with daddy!
They switched up the big slide this year and Solon loved the covered part...he was really excited, because now he can go all by himself...he is growing up so fast.

Vera, of course, took turns riding with us.  Daddy leans WAY back so they fly!
One of my iconic fall favorites is a good ol' fashioned hay rack ride.  My fall is complete :)!  We headed out to pick some apples for the first time this year WITH the kiddos.  It was a near bust but we picked up momentum once we started eating some and by the end we had a great time filling our 1/4 peck (just about 20 apples which was the right amount to pick ourselves).
Vera was our taste tester...
Scott's height proved advantageous BUT I would not stand by, no, not me.  So I tried my hand at a few ceremonial picks.
And a little selfie with my sweetie!
We had a great time out at Center Grove...this was our best shot of getting 2 kiddos to smile.  I don't try hard anymore because let's face it, it is hard work and bribery is normally involved (have to limit that to truly important photos).

We will head back out to pick pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend.  Solon can't wait to get a really big one - oh my!