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A few Solon-isms...

Monday, October 28, 2013
Here is a few tidbits from our precious and precocious 4 year old to tide you over til I update the blog (Soon I promise!)...

From upstairs today...."Mom Vera pooped"
2 minutes later..."and by the way she is wiping it on your pillows..."

"Mom when I grow up I want to be a cowboy or an engineer"
I say you could be an engineer and be the boss of people and tell them what to do.
"Like daddy?"
I say yes...
"Mommy that is not very nice, daddy is not bossy"

Solon's prayer these days...
"Dear God, thank you for the wonderful day (Yes he says wonderful day).  Please help mommy to be nice to me and help us all to not do bad things."
**Think we are in training mode around here?? ;)

Whenever Vera gets in trouble...I here something like this "Mommy I am being so good, aren't I"

And one more...

We were outside playing drive thru window with the power wheels and Solon says we are at McDonalds.

He orders 2 bags of apple slices and an order of french fries

Then he says, "now it is chick fil-a, we need 2 chicken nugget kids meals"

It made me laugh that he knows what we order frequently at these 2 restaurants :)....

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