Solon's 1st Day of School EVER...

Well just like that my baby boy grew up and is ready for 3 year old preschool (yes we know he is 4 but we decided since he has an August birthday to wait until he is 6 to send him - there are many opinions on this, but we felt this was the best choice for our family and for Solon :).  On his "real" first day he woke up at 4am puking.  At first, we thought it was just a case of the nerves, I will spare you the details, but soon we realized he had the flu :(.  Now that he is healthy, we got to have his first day today (9.10.2013).  He was pretty excited and we prepped him about what his day would like.  He was pretty excited (aka not too interested in obliging mommy with photos ;).  When we got to the classroom, he got a little clingy and I finally just had to have a teacher cuddle him as he teared up as I made a quick escape.  I didn't look back because I knew the lump in my throat would erupt into full on tears!  When I got back to the car, I told Scott, "Just like that he is in preschool."  Such a surreal moment that you think about from the time they are born.  I couldn't believe I was driving away and leaving my baby boy behind.  Of course when we got back, he was all smiles.  He reported his favorite part of the day was snack time and that the pumpkin muffins were "delicious".  He also mentioned they got to have milk in little owl dixie cups (and they are just like the ones at our church he said!).  It is "bring you favorite stuffed animal" day on Thursday and our turn to bring treats!  I think he is going to have a great year and learn many valuable lessons from academics to social skills.

My prayer for Solon is that he would be a light for Jesus, a good friend, a good listener and that God would protect him when I can't be with him.  We love you Solon and are SO very proud of how brave and big you were today in this next chapter of your life!

Vera had a few photo bombs (notice her "backback") She would have stayed if I let her ;).