Soccer....our new four letter word...

OH.MY.WORD why do our children have to be so much like us? It is brutal watching your traits that are not beautiful come out.  My mom often reminds me of my first day of kindergarten.  She was 7 months pregnant and I would not stop screaming and clinging to her leg as she dragged me into the classroom, plopped me down and vacated.  MOM, I am sorry!

You may remember this POST about how Solon's swimming lessons began as a Shakespearean tragedy well it seems we must go through this sort of experience with every new experience in life.  Soccer is a four letter word in our is not going well AT ALL.

Like I should apply more deoderent and pop a tylenol before the game because my teeth are clenched.

There are a couple of reflections though....

God is humbling me.  You can have all the right gear and coordinated soccer outfit and your kiddo might not want to play and actually start kicking and screaming at the thought of possibly going in.  You might want to crawl in a ball and hide because you are the mean parent that will not let your child leave.  He is humbling me....and it stinks, really stinks.  God might be teaching me just as much as I am teaching Solon in these moments.

I want to quit too but I know God has commanded us not to give up, to do our best and to keep our commitments, something we must instill in our children even if it means sitting on the sidelines of every game this season only to watch every other kid play.  We made a commitment to this team and we will be there every week.

I have learned (because he is so much like me) that every new experience Solon feels like he might die until he thrives.  He is terrified of the unknown and since it is new and unfamiliar he gets scared.  AND the only way to overcome it, is to keep going and to take teeny-tiny baby steps forward.

Today was tough but slightly, minuscule-y better than last time.  This time he practiced successfully with his team.  A small achievement.  He did go on to the court and kicked the ball, only to run head first into another player - game over for today :(.  Next week maybe he will play without crying...

He wants to be a Cyclone and the only way he is going to meet his goal, is to get out there and learn SO until then we will keep taking baby steps forward as sweaty in the pits and painful as it is for all of us.  After all, we are all learning to humble ourselves, be thankful for the affliction and learn and grow from it.  And someday soon, soccer will no longer be a four letter word, basketball will be **wink!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12