Let's go to the Drive-In...

Is there a better way to spend a beautiful summer evening then at the drive in movie?  No!  We had going to the drive in our summer bucket list and we were excited to check it off especially when we heard the main feature was going to be "Planes".  We invited our friends, The Porter's, to join us and we all had a great time!  The drive in is near Newton and about a 45 minute drive from us.  It is literally off a county highway in the middle of cornfields in the middle of nowhere.  There was a big line to get in and we arrived right when the gates opened, we were a little worried we wouldn't make it in but alas we got a great spot - phew!
The boys had some time to play with Dusty before the sun went down!
A little pre-drivein tailgate...complete with lots of yummy food.  My friend Emilie is quite the chef...she always has some amazing dip or dessert.  We were a well-fed bunch!
I met Emilie at the library, she was new to town and since I moved SO much as a kiddo, I know how it feels to be new :(...we hit it off right away.

We all enjoyed the movie and Vera was up pretty much the entire thing despite it starting at 8PM (her normal bedtime).  At the very end, she was delirious so Scott picked her up and put her in this chair and I am not kidding you 30 seconds later SHE WAS OUT with her hands covering her face.  We could not stop laughing....

A quick pic of the boys before we headed out.

Our drive in actually offers a double feature but you have to stay for the whole 2nd movie and the 1st movie wasn't done until about 9:30 so we knew it would be TOO late for our kiddos.  We hope to make this an annual tradition, it made for some special end of summer memories!