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A pictoral update of randomness...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Sometimes there are pictures that just don't fit into any one post but I want to document SO this post was born :)!
Vera has a thing for her "new to her" backpack.  Solon got a new more manly backpack for school (yes I am the mean mom that doesn't allow character backpacks but in my defense his will last a while and its his favorite colors navy and red).  Vera has to wear her zebra backpack everyday to drop Solon off at preschool and randomly wears it around the house too.
One day I noticed she had an extra clean wipe leftover from a diaper change...
Best buddies - we went out to Pizza Ranch (Evan's favorite) the day before they left.  They have been leaving each other videos on imessage...thank goodness for technology :)!
We went to see Scott's crew ref the North Polk game (2nd game of the year).  It was a HOT night so they delayed the game so we only stayed for the 1st quarter.  It was a great atmosphere, we sat in the end zone and the kiddos enjoyed their concession stand finds! 
Vera shouting "daddy" as he raced down the field.  Whenever she sees a ref on TV, she yells daddy!  And then Solon quickly corrects her (siblings :).
One night I finished tucking Vera in and I found these 2 OUT COLD....
We had some hot September weather and so I filled a tub of water and the kiddos (especially Vera) had a ball playing in there....it went from outside the tub playing, to stepping in to fully submerged with a diaper the size of China before I knew it.

Another favorite pastime is to play in the car (don't worry mom they are well supervised).  Pretending to drive and being the mommy and daddy are favorite activities.

Oh and they have been wanting to paint so I took this messy activity outdoors one nice evening...they were content painting for a good 30 minutes...

We are always thinking up new and exciting things to do.  Solon has been coming up with some fun things lately and I have decided to bend bed time rules or throw out my list of to do's to accommodate from time to time...whether it is impromptu trip to the park or a late night trip to Sonic for a shake, you would think I take the kiddos to the moon ;)!  Some times a little adventure is good for all of us....even this orderly mama!

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  1. ugh!!! I'm a bit behind on reading your blog (you know, with Mariah, Andy, and Erin all being here), so I'm catching up right now and just have to comment on this post!! So many cute things!!! Some favs: Vera and her diaper wipe, Vera yelling Daddy at all refs on TV and Solon correcting her (LOL!), Solon asleep on Scott (SO PRECIOUS!!), and Vera drinking her play water she's standing in! DYING - best post ever!!!!


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