Solon's ACTUAL 4th Birthday...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
I mean we celebrate around here for weeks, I swear.  But I try to make their day extra special.  Since we were at my mom's she threw him a little bash Angry Bird style.  He was of course excited!

Opening presents - Vera even got a few early :)
Of course he got the white bird and Solon says "Yes this is the one that poops out of his booty" Nice, real nice!  We keep it classy around here!
Of course he was totally pumped for the lego train set from my parents...

So the party was the night before his big day, then the day of I woke up with a yucky stomach bug but when you are a mom, you must march on and march on I did but I was totally bummed.  I don't think he knew, I didn't collapse into the couch until he was fast asleep - phew!

We started the day at Mall of America for rides of course...

His new favorite ride - the Log Ride.  I think this might have been the highlight of my mom's day taking a very chatty and excited Solon down!  I think Ellen drew the short stick having to ride in front!
We had lunch and did a little shopping at the Disney Store with Auntie Ellen before bidding everyone adieu and heading home to spend dinner and the evening with daddy!  The kiddos were tired out...

Solon was refreshed and ready for more presents from us that night...and of course he got legos and Planes (the movie) stuff.  
The building quickly ensued...
I think he had a great day jammed pack full of fun for a very special 4 year old.

Happy Birthday Solon!

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