Solon is 4...

I know I say it every.single.year but how are you SO big.  

You are all boy now, there is nothing baby about you (although you will alway be just that, my baby boy!).  You have a love for life, always something funny to say, you understand funny sayings now and use them correctly from "I busted out laughing" to "Are you kidding me?".  We have to seriously watch what we say around you because you figured out the spelling p-o-o-l means pool.  You are all boy and love everything to do with bodily functions especially making tooting sounds.  You are very tender-hearted and hate to be yelled at or disciplined, you just wilt.  You also strive to do the right thing but sometimes being good is HARD!  You are ACTIVE, you love ALL sports and this fall you finally get to play soccer and basketball on a team.  You are a great little swimmer and will continue to take lessons as well.  You have NO fear of the water and dive under like it is no big deal.  You love big water slides.  Most of your days are spent playing with your hot wheels, trains, playing a sport or driving your tractor (or Vera's new pink convertible).  Right now you love "The Berenstein Bears" books and DVDs and they always bring up great topics that we need to talk to you about now that you are a big boy (sigh!).  You love chicken nuggets, pancakes, gatorade, and sweets but your favorite is mexican food and refried beans, you asked to go out for mexican for your birthday!  We just took you to your 1st movie in the theater and you loved it - "Planes".  You have been pretending with your little planes ever since.  You have a great love for daddy and love to go on special man dates with him.  But mommy and you love to cuddle and if you get injured, "mommy" is who you call out for (darn!).  I will take all your snuggles and kisses, you love to snuggle and be tickled.    Your best buddy is Evan and he is moving to Africa, which makes you really sad.  Soon you will be starting school and I am really going to miss having you with me all the time but I know you will do amazing as you are a little sponge.  You tend to listen to others better than mommy so hopefully that holds true for your preschool teachers!  You are a great big brother (most of the time) sharing with your sister, giving her kisses, wrestling, reading together and just giggling your heads off.  In true sibling fashion, she can annoy you like crazy but you do the same to her.  Overall you just love each other - and it warms our hearts!

As I look back at pictures from this year, you have grown right before my eyes and I love the man God is molding you to be - equal parts vivacious and sensitive.  I see both daddy and myself in you and you are uniquely you all at the same time.  We love you to the moon and back Solon - our hearts grew the day you were born and they grow in love for you every day!  Happy Birthday to our bestest little buddy!
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Had to include this because this is your mad face - I see this more than I would like to :)

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Happy Birthday to the sweetest, happiest, most hilarious, loving little boy we know!  May God direct your path and may your heart be drawn more to Him daily! God love you so much!