Off to Adventureland...

Adventureland is a little theme park in our own backyard (well not literally our backyard but just 10 minutes away via interstate).  Scott's company hosts a picnic there annually and provide tickets and lunch for all their employees and families.  It is perfect for us as we don't feel awful if we can only stay a few hours with little munchkins.  This year though, our kiddos were INTO-IT!  They lasted from 10AM until 6PM and at that point mom and dad were worn out and ready to go!  The park has the traditional rides, roller coasters (which Solon missed by 2 inches, maybe next year -the magic number it seems is 42 inches :).  It also has a water park but the weather was unseasonably cool - like in the upper 60's and maybe hit 72 by day's end with a strong breeze - too cold for the chilly water for V and I.
First up the log ride - the nice older gentleman manning the ride said to sit in the back part and you wouldn't get wet.  Solon rode it 4 times (alternating between Scott and I) and we didn't get wet once!  This was Solon's "most favoritist ride" of the day!  The line got long at the end of the day so we were glad we hit this up first!
We had lunch and rode a few more rides before attempting the water park.  The upside of a chilly day, the place was EMPTY - unheard of!  The downside it was COLD!   Note the picture above the boys are running for their towels, their arms tightly crossed - burrr....Solon (below) had to sunbathe to warm up!
Vera napped during the water park under some extra towels so she was ready for round 2...
Solon was mostly into rides we could all ride together.  We did not think Vera could ride the Galleon (pirate ship) but she could and in good thrill-seeking fashion, the kids both loved it!
The kiddos did AMAZING all day waiting in line.  We weren't sure how a 1 and almost 4 year old would do but I was constantly praising them and tooting their horns because they did not whine or complain once, I nearly fainted from shock!  I hope this trend continues at Disney World at Thanksgiving (yes we are going for 48 hours while we are at the beach with my family - I am pumped!).
We let the kiddos pick out a treat while waiting for the train because they had been so good.  Vera picked out the girliest candy, a rainbow lollipop....she is definitely a girly girl!
Of course the train ride was a fan favorite...

And my monkey....just hanging out!
We rode the carousel before finishing the day around 6....they were still going strong!

By 6, we grabbed dinner by the park before heading home and falling into bed.  What a fun and great day thanks to daddy's work....I see many more visits to amusement parks in our future.  Our kiddos are becoming quite the thrill seekers...oh my mom heart!