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Aussie Cousins come to stay...

Monday, August 12, 2013
Our Aussie cousins, Grace and Lance, and their mom and dad came to America for 2.5 weeks and they came to stay with US first....cue the screams of joy from all parties!!! We had a blast and of course our 2.5 days FLEW by in a flash!  Luckily we got to see them again in the Dells but we so enjoyed having them in our neck of the woods.  We took them to some old favorites (Jimmy Johns) and introduced them to some new places (Jethro's BBQ) and also enjoyed some yummy Iowa beef and pork at home too :)!  It is winter in Australia right now so we spent a lot of time having fun outside in the sunshine!
After church trip to Jimmy Johns!

We set up a slip n'slide in the backyard and the kids had a blast playing out back...we had dinner at home and then made smores!

And cousins in PJ's!
A little morning play time in the foyer...why not?

One morning we took a big girls trip to get pedicures....we had a lot of fun!

Of course we hit up the pool too...
Aunt Raquel got some snuggles from Vera!

Love this girl SO much!

Twinkies - Solon loves to be just like Lance :)
Cousin kisses...

We loved, loved, loved their visit and hope to make it a yearly event :)!  We miss them bunches but are so thankful for the many memories and fun we squeeze in while we are together :)!

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  1. Soooo many things to say!!!! Where do I start?? I LOVE every single pic for different reasons! Makes me so happy to see all of these, yet sad at the same time because I miss you guys so much!! I just want to be back there hanging out with you again! So many great memories!!!! Love you all!


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