A trip from our TX Cousins...

Oh how I love this week of the year.  I get to spend time with my TX cousins.  We always have a fabulous time together.  When they started coming they were just about my kiddos age and I would have to go by airplane to pick them up and then bring them back.  They were impressed I loved them enough to that year after year - of course I love them!  This year was fun as always...nightly trips to ice cream, lots of boat and lake time, a little shopping, Solon's birthday and good talks!  I would say it was another memorable and successful trip north (even though their southern friends have not a clue why they come - I mean my sheer awesomeness should make them understand, right M and B?).  I am positive my kiddos wore them out.  I heard they slept til 11am the day after we left :)!

Night trip to Frost and Steam Ice Cream and Coffee Shop!

They finally took us out to eat (there is an inside joke that we NEVER go out to eat when we visit, I was starting to get a complex so they finally took us to one of their favorites on Lake Minnetonka).  It was worth the wait to enjoy a nice meal and watch the large boats drive by!
Solon would sleep on the jet ski if he could and he has a need for some serious speed...I am in trouble when I can't control it ;)!
Solon took turns with everyone on the tube - his and my last ride, my mom nearly popped me out while Solon just looked at me like "mom, seriously hold on!"...
I took M on a little shopping trip for her birthday and introduced her to Charming Charlie's...if you have not been introduced to that store, let me tell you NEED to be! One of my new favorites!  She of course fell in love too and we had a ball just us girls!
More boat and tube time...Vera enjoyed the tube ride too!

We had a great week, they are joining us in Florida in November and we can't wait to see them again soon!  Thanks for sharing your summer with us Madelynne and Bailey! My kiddos absolutely adore you and of course I do too :)....We are working on them coming to ISU for college.  Cheer if you think that is a fabulous idea!!!