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Bon Voyage Kinzenbaw Family...

Thursday, August 29, 2013
How to title this post, that is the question?!  Our good friends the Kinzenbaw's are hitting the road, er, air and heading to Zambia (an African country 2/3 down and to the right hand side if you look at the African map).  They had a burden for orphans and the people of Zambia so they said "God send us" and off they go to adopt and serve God for a year.  Solon is still digesting this bit of information, it is more time than he can process.  He is already asking when they will return, luckily we live in a day that we can communicate via skype so he can see his buddy and his home half way around the world.  Isn't that amazing?  Technology just blows my mind and so does God.  I pray for God's direction, discernment, wisdom, peace, safety and love while they are there.  May His plan be revealed and His kingdom work be done through their hands.  

But before they left we had to throw them a few parties just to let them know we  love them....

Our friends from MN even came (wahoo and stayed with us double wahoo) to celebrate with us!

Here is a picture of ALL the kiddos in our small group eating together - God has blessed, eh?!

Sarah from MN and Kayla (who is also from MN but lives in Ankeny now - amazing story, different blog post :)

Diana, Mandey (holding Briella) and Sonya
The spread - walking tacos!

After dinner at our place we packed up the troops Home Alone style (we remembered everyone) and headed to a nearby park for an open house for them.

We made a little scrapbook with encouraging words and pictures to encourage them while they are away.

Best buds from the time they were born - Solon, Isaac, and Evan

And then at church we had a commissioning service for the family.  They gave a little gift to the kids from children's church...
Prayed for them, their marriage, their family, their adoption and their ministry...
And Mandey even sang a song "Worth it All" and Mickey and her mom accompanied her.  It was so heartfelt :)

They board a jetplane for Zambia next week and we will miss them but anxious to hear about their adventures and life on the other side of the pond.  I love thinking about HOW BIG OUR GOD IS - He knows those people by name and every hair on their head too.  We serve an amazing God!

If you want to keep up to date with the Kinzenbaw family, they have a blog to and it is located to the right on the side bar under my favorite blogs - I know they would love all the prayer, love and support they can get!

Football and Cheerleaders Party...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
This year we did a joint party for our kiddos.  Our good friends are moving to Africa and we wanted to make sure they could celebrate with the kiddos so alas the double birthday was born.  I actually was going to do a football theme for Solon and found in this birthday invite on Etsy and the theme "Football and Cheerleaders" was born.  I love the way it turned out!

The treat bags were a little bottle of gatorade, ref's whistle and bouncy football...we also did tattoos when the kiddos arrived, they were a hit (sorry moms they were hard to wash off!).
We did a pinata because sometimes coming up with games both big and little kids can do is a challenge and who doesn't love candy?!  I actually got the cheerleader pinata at our party store for a dollar (I know I know!) and used that to hold the balloons at the party!
The little tag on the gift bags said "Thanks for making our party a touchdown!"
The cupcakes...
For the food I did cotton candy, popcorn, nachos, stadium dogs wrapped in aluminum foil and since there is nothing healthy about stadium food I threw in carrots and watermelon!  I also bought little bottles of pop, water and gatorade just like they would sell at the stadium.
The kiddo table...
 Scott's work has this indoor gym, perfect for the occasion.
We did a "football toss" aka water balloon toss...they had a blast of course getting the dads wet!

I mean how cute is she...ah...I can't stand it (sorry biased mom here!)
Pinata time (we also did an obstacle course and let them play bball too!)
Present time...they were blessed with some nice toys!!!

And here are a few more from my friends' camera....

and before the party was over a tea party broke out among the girls...

It was another successful party, I always enjoy planning for them.  I am not sure what 5 and 3 holds, I better start pinning!

Solon's ACTUAL 4th Birthday...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
I mean we celebrate around here for weeks, I swear.  But I try to make their day extra special.  Since we were at my mom's she threw him a little bash Angry Bird style.  He was of course excited!

Opening presents - Vera even got a few early :)
Of course he got the white bird and Solon says "Yes this is the one that poops out of his booty" Nice, real nice!  We keep it classy around here!
Of course he was totally pumped for the lego train set from my parents...

So the party was the night before his big day, then the day of I woke up with a yucky stomach bug but when you are a mom, you must march on and march on I did but I was totally bummed.  I don't think he knew, I didn't collapse into the couch until he was fast asleep - phew!

We started the day at Mall of America for rides of course...

His new favorite ride - the Log Ride.  I think this might have been the highlight of my mom's day taking a very chatty and excited Solon down!  I think Ellen drew the short stick having to ride in front!
We had lunch and did a little shopping at the Disney Store with Auntie Ellen before bidding everyone adieu and heading home to spend dinner and the evening with daddy!  The kiddos were tired out...

Solon was refreshed and ready for more presents from us that night...and of course he got legos and Planes (the movie) stuff.  
The building quickly ensued...
I think he had a great day jammed pack full of fun for a very special 4 year old.

Happy Birthday Solon!

A trip from our TX Cousins...

Monday, August 26, 2013
Oh how I love this week of the year.  I get to spend time with my TX cousins.  We always have a fabulous time together.  When they started coming they were just about my kiddos age and I would have to go by airplane to pick them up and then bring them back.  They were impressed I loved them enough to that year after year - of course I love them!  This year was fun as always...nightly trips to ice cream, lots of boat and lake time, a little shopping, Solon's birthday and good talks!  I would say it was another memorable and successful trip north (even though their southern friends have not a clue why they come - I mean my sheer awesomeness should make them understand, right M and B?).  I am positive my kiddos wore them out.  I heard they slept til 11am the day after we left :)!

Night trip to Frost and Steam Ice Cream and Coffee Shop!

They finally took us out to eat (there is an inside joke that we NEVER go out to eat when we visit, I was starting to get a complex so they finally took us to one of their favorites on Lake Minnetonka).  It was worth the wait to enjoy a nice meal and watch the large boats drive by!
Solon would sleep on the jet ski if he could and he has a need for some serious speed...I am in trouble when I can't control it ;)!
Solon took turns with everyone on the tube - his and my last ride, my mom nearly popped me out while Solon just looked at me like "mom, seriously hold on!"...
I took M on a little shopping trip for her birthday and introduced her to Charming Charlie's...if you have not been introduced to that store, let me tell you NEED to be! One of my new favorites!  She of course fell in love too and we had a ball just us girls!
More boat and tube time...Vera enjoyed the tube ride too!

We had a great week, they are joining us in Florida in November and we can't wait to see them again soon!  Thanks for sharing your summer with us Madelynne and Bailey! My kiddos absolutely adore you and of course I do too :)....We are working on them coming to ISU for college.  Cheer if you think that is a fabulous idea!!!

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