Wisconsin Dells: The Water Park Fun...

Monday morning bright and early we headed out on the open road towards Wisconsin Dells, just a 4 hour trip from the lake!  We arrived after lunch and got our suits on and headed for one of the 8 parks they have at the Wilderness Lodge.  The parks are just for hotel guests and since we went from Monday - Friday, it was not crowded at all!  Yes!

We stayed in a town home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, plenty of space for all 12 of us (except I kept saying 11, kept forgetting poor Vera :)

We mostly made lunch at the condo but we did have one poolside lunch...

We had nearly perfect weather all week (just one morning rain but otherwise perfection!).
Aunt Angee and Vera!

Vera was pretty clingy to mommy by this point in the vacation - lots of faces and new environments and she is at that prefer mommy stage.  95% time I love it, extra snuggles for me but it is hard for family that never sees her to get some time with her!
I mean seriously - SQUISH!
We packed lots of snacks and would have snack time cuddles between playing REALLY hard.  Solon didn't nap all week so bedtime consisted of falling asleep during prayers...
This face....I think she was saying pick me up aka squawking!
There was a bunch of tube rides and Solon especially loved the ones that were light (not pitch dark :)...these turned out clear but they were going faster than they appear in this still photo ;).

Vera even did a few tube rides and she also loved swimming and catching naps on people's laps :)!
She loved Uncle Josh...they were waiting for cousins Grace and Lance to come down the "Hurricane", a family favorite.  They took Nana and Papa on it on their last day!

We also rode across Lake Delton to another part of the resort on the resort shuttle aka pontoon boat...it was awesome to get out on the lake!  The pool on the lake was inifinity style so we sat and soaked and watched the boats pass by.

Another fan favorite was this slide...you have to stand in a coffin like thing to start and then it counts down and you basically shoot straight down...one of those rides where you feel your heart beating out of your chest...
Another picnic poolside lunch and catching up some shade on a beautiful day!
...and my too cute for words niece on a kid-size lounge!

Solon keeps asking to go back which means it was a very successful trip.   Solon's favorite part was the pretty big kid slides he could do all.by.himself.  He has grown quite independent and with Lance there, he wanted to be big and tall so badly!

Thanks Nana and Papa for the great accommodations - it was an amazing trip and wonderful to all be together!  We were there longer this year (Monday-Friday) so we were able to explore more restaurants and shopping this trip!  More Dells adventures coming soon...