Vacation Bible School...

I am behind (gasp, I know - a whole month ;)

The last week of June, we had vacation bible school...actually it was called Summer FX (FX standing for family experience).  Our church is implementing a new philosophy called "orange" which bascially blends family (red) and church (yellow) to make orange.  It's a great philosophy that aims to better disciple the children of the church so that when they grow up they are still on fire for Christ.  That being said, we tested out our new Sunday model during VBS.  The kiddos spent time in worship (which I led) for 15 minutes, transitioned to a craft and then to a bible story & activity before finishing with snack and play time for a total of 60 minutes.  Woah and 60 minutes with this age group WORE ME OUT (and I taught 1st grade).  3 and 4 year olds are BUSY in mass numbers...

I loved leading worship with them.  We sang the same 3 songs each night and had little actions to go with the words and they just bounced all over the place.  I was sweating and we all got a good workout praising our Savior!

I just snapped a few photos of Solon with his friends - it is fun to see him in this environment.  He is quieter and more attentive then I would have guessed...think he will do really well at preschool!

Sitting next to his best bud - sorry for the blurry phone photo but loved their very engaged looks :)

He is asking some tough questions and some we can't answer on this Earth but He is earnestly trying to understand how to fit Jesus into His heart and we are praying when He is ready He will ask His savior to come into His heart!  I am sure on that day I will cry **wink!