The Week after vacation...

Oh the week after vacation is always well, um, interesting.  Daddy goes back to work and we try to get in a nice routine again.  You know the drill, right? Well Solon and I came down with swimmer's ear (burning inner ears) and Scott and Vera came down with ear infections....and remember that last post about taking the pacifier away, seriously I have impecable timing (oy vey!).  Anyway the blog fell off the wagon and now that I take just as many photos with my iphone as I do with my camera (maybe even more) I have to find 2 cords and download both sets of photos...Okay enough boo-hooing.  I just wanted to let you know I am working on it and I WILL be back.

And I just wanted to document the craziness after vacation and all things summer.  We have been hitting up the pool, having playdates and our good friends, the Kinzenbaw's, are staying with us this weekend.
Oh and one more random fact for the history books at 22 months Vera weighs 21 lbs 14 oz with clothes, diaper and shoes on...yes, she is still a peanut!

Okay well off to enjoy an iced coffee and some late lunch while are kids all sleep....not a bad way to spend a cloudy, rainy Sunday afternoon!  Many updates coming soon!