The vacation that never ends (in a good way :)...

My dad had to get back to NYC (or so we thought, he actually spent his evening at the Minneapolis airport because LGA was busy so he returned home, I felt bad he sat just 10 minutes away while we were having fun)...but anyway My dad WAS SUPPOSED to go back to NYC so we thought it would be fun to head to the Mall of America for a few rides and dinner with everyone since we had gotten a lot of lake living in already!  And you know what happens when you go to a theme park with little kids, the big people become kids again too.  We had lots of volunteers to take the kiddos on rides!
Solon is still a tad short for the big roller coasters but this little one was super fun...Alex and Scott might have busted their knees up to get in but they were good sports.
And Ellen's boyfriend, Kristiaan, had just gotten off a plane and came along to hang out with us.  First stop was the little blue train ride with Vera...she always looks SO sober on rides but then says "more" when finished so she must like them!
And I did this ride the first time and could NOT do it again, Uncle Alex to the rescue.  Solon loves the way it whips you around.

We squeezed in some quick but successful shopping before heading to dinner.  What a fun way to end this portion of our vacation - the next morning we got up and headed to Wisconsin for the next portion with Scott's family!