Marriage Retreat...

What's that, I hear whispering "Scott and Erin's marriage is in trouble, they are going to a marriage retreat" and another whisper "what is a marriage retreat?"....

Well let me be clear before going I had thought the same 2 thoughts...why has God made it available for us to go and what is a "marriage retreat" anyway.  Well here's an analogy for you, just like acupuncture is preventative healthcare so is a marriage retreat.  Rather than waiting for your marriage to fall apart to fix it, why not work on it while it is still good.  And further more even though it ain't broken, what if with a little WD-40 it could work better?  Well that is just what the marriage retreat provided Scott and I, a time to refine some things in our marriage we didn't know could be better and a time to talk about US without the disruption of the daily grind and caring for 2 little rugrats.   Scott and I have always tried to find a weekend to get away EVERY year just the 2 of us.  Once we had kids, it was harder to leave them alone but biblical marriage comes 2nd only to our relationship with Christ.  Someday our kids will be grown and on their own (Lord willing) and it will just be Scott and I.

So we sent the kids to nana and papa camp (which they LOVED), they milked a cow at a dairy farm, had a cookie for morning snack followed by ice cream for lunch and other fun!  We headed off to just south of Webster City to a beautiful spot in the middle.of.nowhere (and I mean middle of nowhere = no cell service).  So there was no cable, no phone and no internet and no children for 24 hours.   There was, however, amazing food and great fellowship, concrete applications and great wisdom shared by a Godly couple from God's word.  We even took a quiz and had to answer for ourselves and our spouse and then where we disagreed on the answer we had to talk through it.  Things ranged from "Is divorce an option" to "does your spouse admit when they are wrong" to "do you feel valued by your spouse"...and many more thought-provoking statements.  

As always I walked away with several nuggets on how to be a more respectful loving wife and am thankful God made it possible to go.  I didn't think our marriage was broken or needed fixing but I would say a little polishing makes things feel all sparkly and new and the same for our relationship.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to nourish the relationship God ordained for a lifetime!

And in between sessions, we had an opportunity to get out and enjoy the surroundings...

Oh and did I mention at a marriage retreat there were twin beds in the room....a source of laughter from all parties all weekend :)!

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.'  'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,  and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."
Mark 10:6-9

A wife of noble character is her husband's crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.
Proverbs 12:4

But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13